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Daydream Flowers

Cardboard: Ironwood leaves

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This little box has two ironwood leaves made from recycled cardboard. The box is also made from cardboard. I created this box as a part of a series of flowers made from recycled materials. I love the creative opportunities that recycled paper and cardboard allows. For example I made these leaves from the inside of a sheet of cardboard- using the "ribs" as the veins of the leaf. I'm very interested in making sculptures with paper that would otherwise be thrown away.

This little box is just 2.5 x 4.5 inches big. There is a little cardboard tag on the back of the box to allow it to be hung on the wall. It can sit nicely on a shelf, too.

Each of my paper flowers is handmade with care and attention to detail.  Since this series is made from recycled materials, I can't guarantee the longevity of the papers I have used, but with a little care they should stay "fresh" for years to come. I include care tips with each purchase. This unique shadow box would make a fun addition to a cabinet of curiosities, a bookshelf, or an art collection. 

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