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Daydream Flowers


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A handmade paper Jewelweed plant. Another name for this plant is Spotted Touch-Me-Not. This plant can be used as an antidote to poison ivy, something that has endeared me to it over the past few years. I make a salve from the whole plant and apply it any time I feel like I've been in contact with poison ivy. It also works for stinging nettle! The name Touch-Me-Not comes from the seed pods which, when ripe, literally explode on contact! I found this flower to be a real challenge to make with it's strange, irregular, trumpet-shaped blooms. I ended up making a few prototypes in white before settling on a flower design I was happy with. I made the leaves from drawing paper, and the flowers from hand painted crepe paper. This piece forms a part of my River Plants collection.

To read more about my river plant collection, please visit:

The plant is mounted into a shallow wooden box that has been mounted onto a piece of unfinished pine board. The box is painted very dark blue and the board is stained lighter blue/green. The name and Latin name of the plant are mounted below it on a hand-written plaque.

All of my paper flowers, leaves, and plants, are made from high quality materials. They have been sprayed with a UV resistant spray and are made to last! I will include care instructions with your purchase.