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My Work

Hi! I'm Linda Hamilton and I am a paper artist who creates sculptures of flowers and foliage. I live and work in beautiful Almonte, Ontario. I have been making paper flowers for over 10 years. I know that many people have a strong emotional connection with flowers and this is something I love to explore. I love to create a sense of wonder with my work- and to encourage a respect and interest in nature- especially flowers!

I have been interested in art since childhood, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University (2003) where I studied drawing, painting, and art history. My current projects include a study of local wildflowers, and larger multi-species shadow boxes. I show my work as often as possible in local galleries and at art shows. Follow me on Instagram for current work and updates:


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My goal

My goal with Daydream Flowers is to create botanical sculptures that accurately represent real plants and flowers. In doing so, my goal is to create work that connects people with the natural world and inspires them to reflect on that connection. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!

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