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Garden Rose
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  • Bridal Bouquet

    This piece is a box filled with flowers from a bridal bouquet. A lovely way to commemorate a special anniversary!

  • Summer wildflowers

    This piece features two beautiful native wildflowers that bloom on the recipient's birthday.

  • Sisters

    Made for a mother to celebrate her two daughters, both of whom are named after flowers!

  • Ottawa Miniature Gallery

    I'm so happy to have a piece included in this iteration of the OMG! I created a tiny split rail fence scene. You can see it installed in the mini gallery at the Happy Goat on Laurel street in Ottawa. For more info, please visit the OMG page here.

  • River Life: Botanical Reflections

    A new exhibit of paper botanicals. These native river plants will be paired with quotes about rivers. I've partnered with local writer Heather Phaneuf who created a wonderful narrative to go with the sculptures. The exhibit will be at the Almonte branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library from Feb 26- April 22. I will be present on Sunday March 5 from noon to 2 to meet you and answer questions. I will be giving workshops on March 29 and April 17.

  • Workshops!

    I'm offering two workshops to go with my current exhibit at the Almonte Library.

    Paper Iris
    Wednesday March 29 from 1-4pm
    We'll be making blue flag irises from fine-grained crepe paper. You will make an iris and a bud with leaves. I'll give you enough paper to make another one at home!
    Paper Morning Glory/Bindweed
    Monday April 17 from 1-4pm
    This course makes a vine that you can style in many ways. We'll make a flower and a bud and lots of leaves! You will be able to choose from pink or blue paper for your blooms and I will give you enough paper to make more at home.
    All supplies and materials included.
    Cost is $60 or $50 each if you bring a friend (or sign up for both workshops!)

    Contact me to register

  • "I requested a custom made piece: flower of each birth month for a new born baby, her auntie and grandmother. The flowers made were stunning and placed beautifully in the box. A unique and custom piece."


  • "I absolutely love this handmade apple blossom. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! The detail and craftsmanship is fantastic. I actually feel guilty that I paid so little for it. I would recommend this artist to any one looking for lovely paper flower sculptures."


  • "Another remarkable creation. This gifted seller captures the natural world with great beauty, remarkable creativity, and a charming vintage feel. These are pieces to treasure!"


  • "The intricate detail this artist creates is amazing... so lifelike. The brilliant colors reflect the authentic quality of each piece. This work of art will be cherished."


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