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Daydream Flowers

Poison Ivy

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It makes me itchy just looking at it! Here are two handmade paper stems of poison ivy leaves. They form part of my River Plants collection. I made the leaves from acid free drawing paper painted with acrylic paint and then again with a gloss medium to make them shiny! Poison ivy, though a strong irritant to humans, are an important native plant. Their berries are eaten by birds and small mammals, and larger animals graze on the leaves. 

To read more about my river plant collection, please visit:

The leaves are mounted into a shallow wooden box that has been mounted onto a piece of unfinished pine board. The box is painted very dark blue and the board is stained lighter blue/green. The name and Latin name of the plant are mounted below the plant on a hand written plaque.

All of my paper flowers, leaves, and plants, are made from high quality materials. They have been sprayed with a UV resistant spray and are made to last! I will include care instructions with your purchase.