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Daydream Flowers

Tutorial: Wild Rose

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A downloadable .pdf document that leads you through the steps in making a wild rose with detailed, full colour pictures and instructions. This flower has been my most popular in-person workshop and so I thought I would share it as a downloadable document. This tutorial is suitable for anyone with a little crafting experience: you do not need to have any paper flower making experience to make this flower! By following along, you will learn several useful paper flower techniques such as laminating, mitering, and fringing. 

Please note: I have listed the materials needed to complete this project below. If you don't have access to crepe paper or don't want to buy more than you will need for this project, I have an option to purchase all of the crepe paper, plus the wires, needed to make this flower. Check it out HERE.

Materials needed for Wild Rose:

  • Green crepe paper: 3” (wide) x 5” (tall)
  • Yellow crepe paper: 4” x 2”
  • Orange crepe paper: 4” x ¼”
  • Pink or red crepe paper: 2 pieces, each 4” x 2” (can be a lighter and darker shade)
  • Heavy gauge wire: 7”
  • Light gauge wire: 4”
  • Scissors, white glue, wire cutters, paint brush